Three New Mods

I uploaded three new Minicraft mods today to PlayMinicraft. They are all pretty great!

MiniCrate by Bob

ShroomyCraft by ThaumicSlime

Minicraft Mob Overload by LampIsFun128

Leave your feedback on the forums!

Minicraft+ 1.6 released!

The new version of Minicraft+ 1.6 has been released tonight. There is new stuff hidden inside to find!

Learning Java

David has been kind enough to start teaching me some Java. I am a total noob at it, but I hope I can learn quickly :D

Minicraft+ Dungeon Preview

David and Dillyg10 have been busy on Minicraft+ 1.5. The new Dungeon Preview has been added to the PlayMinicraft site for the time being. You can test it out and leave feedback in the comments or on chat!

Infinitytale 1.1 Released

Zelosfan has released Infinitytale 1.1 today! PlayMinicraft has been updated to reflect the new version.

Check out the Infinitytale Blog to learn more about it.

The New PlayMinicraft

We launched the new PlayMinicraft Monday, and we are excited to see the community also taking a liking to it.

Right now our newest features are comments and chat. We are working on some behind the scenes with the active Minicraft developers. We hope to be able to announce those soon!